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Krill oil offers many different benefits to help support a healthy and active lifestyle. Containing long chain omega 3s, krill oil is backed by a wealth of literature supporting the beneficial effects of these marine omega 3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA.  

 Many studies indicate a link between the level of omega-3 fatty acids in tissues, blood and cells, and the overall health of the cardiovascular system. EPA and DHA omega 3s in particular have been shown to help the body deal with inflammation by keeping omega 6 fatty acids in balance whilst aiding in maintaining healthy cell membranes and supporting a variety of different functions at the cellular level .  


However, krill oil is more than just an omega-3 supplement, and provides additional advantages due to other naturally occurring constituents like choline and phospholipids. This opens up new and exciting opportunities that go beyond the traditional health benefits of omega-3 supplements.

health benefits


Omega-3s have been recognized as providing various health benefits, including support for the heart and brain. In fact, they are a featured ingredient in heart supplements and brain supplements in markets all over the world today.

Several studies indicate a link between the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in tissues, blood, and red blood cells, and the overall health of the cardiovascular system. Previous research has linked omega-3s to a lower risk of abnormal heartbeats, fewer fats in the blood, reduced risk of artery-clogging deposits known as plaque, and slightly lower blood pressure.




Throughout life the amount of omega-3s found in the brain is influenced by dietary intake of fatty acids and by the brain’s developmental stage. In fact, the brain is 60% fat, and the most important omega-3 fatty in the brain seems to be DHA. These fatty acids seems to be among the most crucial molecules that determine our brain's  integrity and ability to perform. So DHA is essential in supporting brain growth and cognitive function. Conversely, an omega-3 deficiency in brain tissue may affect brain functioning and delay development.
Omega-3s bound to phospholipids such as those found in krill oil have been shown to be preferentially transported to brain tissue compared to omega-3s delivered as triglycerides.


Maintaining bone and joint health is important at every age, but particularly as we get older as bones deteriorate and joints wear down. Omega-3s have been shown to play an important role in promoting bone strength, mobility and joint comfort.
Omega-3s delivered in phospholipid form, such as those found in K•REAL® krill oil, are scientifically supported for promoting joint and bone health.
Nutritional factors are recognized as key to maintaining good bone, cartilage, and joint health throughout life. In this regard, experts believe omega-3s play an important role in promoting bone strength and joint mobility. Indeed, research has shown omega-3s to be effective in promoting joint comfort and flexibility, particularly in the morning when joints have not been exercised for a long stretch of time. Because almost no undesirable side effects accompany intake, omega-3s are considered ideal for promoting joint and bone health.


Much of the world’s population exhibits low levels of the omega-3s EPA and DHA, according to a study published in the May 2016 issue of Progress in Lipid Research. The study’s mapping of countries and regions raises growing concern that low omega-3 status has become a global public health concern, as omega-3 deficiency is associated with several chronic disorders.
The omega-3 index is a measure of the levels of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in red blood cell membranes expressed as a percentage of total fatty acids.  High scores on the Omega-3 Index, between 8-12%, are considered as a good indicator of better general health and may help maintain a hearty health and overall healthy lifestyle.
A study conducted by Aker Bio Marine showed that krill oil, like K•REAL® is an ideal choice for raising the Omega-3 Index because its omega-3s are mostly bound to phospholipids, which enhance cellular uptake and carry EPA and DHA into the blood more efficiently. For example, people who took 4 grams of krill oil per day in this study raised their Omega-3 Index by 2.7% points, from 3.7% to 6.4%.



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