Breakthrough MSO®2.0 Technology

MSO-2_FLOWER-ICONTo overcome the specific challenges of producing top-quality krill oil, Enzymotec developed a novel technology called Multi Stage Oil extraction (MSO®2.0). This technology incorporates several unique processes which are implemented in the production of K•REAL® krill oil.
This specialized and proprietary MSO®2.0 technology assures high-quality oil that has superior organoleptic properties.

Why MSO®2.0?

MSO®2.0 technology better preserves the natural nutrient profile of krill oil while concurrently removing spoilage components such as Trimethylamine (TMA), Trimethylamine-Oxide (TMAO), Total Volatile Nitrogen (TVN) oxidative elements and other impurities.
This process leads to improved oil stability as well as superior organoleptic and physical properties (less fishy odor and optimal viscosity for encapsulation).

T-free 1,3


Low sodium

(according to EU regulation)

Resistance to oxidation 1,2


¹ These statements have not been evaluated/authorized by the Commission in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on
nutrition and health claims made on foods.
² Results of levels of MDA from in-vitro stomach model, where krill oils of various producers were tested.
³ Limit of detection of both TVN, TMA and TMAO is 1mgN/100g. TVN, TMA and TMAO levels in krill oil samples were tested by an
external laboratory, Nofima BioLab, Norway.Measurements were conducted in
Conway dishes according to a modified version of Conway and Byrne’s micro-diffusion method (Conway & O’Malley, Microdiffusion
Methods. Biochem, 36, 656-661(1942)).

How does it work?

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