K•REAL®- superior stability and potential safety

A new Enzymotec report suggests that K•REAL® has superior stability and potential safety compared to other krill oil brands

October, 2015

Enzymotec announced today that after sharing its K•REAL® assay results, it received an expert opinion  from Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., Professor in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, regarding the quality of its K•REAL®  krill oil.

Dr. Blumberg’s report came following results of assays performed by Enzymotec in which various krill oils from different manufacturers were tested for stability and quality within a model digestive system. These results led Enzymotec to implement a new set of biological quality parameters for krill oil evaluation that are different from the quality parameters commonly used. Typically, the quality of krill oils is measured primarily by chemical parameters that are tested during shelf life. However, those parameters do not refer to the changes in krill oil’s biological activity after consumption.

By using a simulation model for measuring the biochemical quality of the krill oil in the digestive system, Enzymotec has established biological quality parameters for use in addition to the standard ones.

Prof. Blumberg reviewed the results and confirmed that the only krill oil that successfully meets these quality parameters is Enzymotec’s K•Real® krill oil.

“Utilizing a validated in vitro gastric model, K•REAL® krill oil proved more resistant both to oxidation reactions and to degradation of its DHA and EPA content than the other krill oil samples tested,” he said. “These results suggest that K•REAL presents a superior profile with regard to stability, safety, and efficacy in contrast to the other tested commercial brands.”

K•REAL® krill oil is manufactured through a specialized and proprietary technology called Multi Stage Oil extraction (MSO®), developed by Enzymotec. This technology assures high-quality oil and superior organoleptic properties compared to other commercially available products.

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