Enzymotec wins the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation

Enzymotec wins the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for its K•REAL® Krill oil products
Enzymotec wins the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for its K·REAL® Krill oil products

July, 2014 – Enzymotec Ltd. a leading supplier of advanced lipid-based
solutions announced that it has been honored with the prestigious “2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Award” in the nutraceuticals category for its K·REAL® Krill oil .

Organized by Ringier Trade Media, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards are regarded as one of the most important awards in China’s Food & beverage industry. It is given annually to a selection of innovative companies which have made the most significant contribution for the advancement of the industry through technological innovation, efficiency improvements, and creating new marketing opportunities.

Avner Avissara, Asia Pacific Regional Manager of Enzymotec, received the award at the ceremony in Shanghai, on behalf of Enzymotec. “We are honored to be given this award which recognizes the unique value we provide to our customers. As a leading expert in lipid technology, Enzymotec has developed unique processes that are implemented in the production of its krill oil. This specialized and proprietary technology called the Multi Stage Oil Extraction (MSO®), guarantees krill oil’s freshness and preserves the natural composition of omega-3 fatty acids throughout its shelf life. In addition, it improves the organoleptic properties of the krill oil” says Avner.

About Enzymotec Ltd.

Enzymotec Ltd. is a leading global supplier of specialty lipid-based products and solutions. The Company develops, manufactures and markets innovative bio- active lipid ingredients, as well as final products, based on sophisticated processes and technologies. For more information, visit www.enzymotec.com.